Photovoltaic system

Energy autonomy, defined and stable costs and a greener image

Photovoltaics is the technology for the production of renewable energy that has had a growth trend in the last 5 years with the lowest cost of implementation. A photovoltaic system makes it possible to achieve autonomy from variations in energy costs, because it guarantees defined and stable costs over a medium-long period, equal to the life of the system itself.

On the economic level, there are two strong points: on the one hand, the significant reduction in the cost of technology, which has led to the almost total elimination of state incentives; on the other, the sustainability of the technology itself, with a return on investment on the system that meets the expectations of industrial investors. Moreover, using photovoltaics also generates a positive impact on the social level, because it helps to strengthen the company’s green image.

At Enerqos we have decades of experience in the construction of large photovoltaic systems, on ground surfaces and on large industrial rooftop areas. For this reason, we are able to offer complete support for the construction of a turnkey system: from the authorisation process through to planning, construction, connection to the national electricity system, to monitoring and routine, non-routine and predictive maintenance. In addition to the technological support, we also offer financial support, through the operating lease or sale of energy (PPA) service.

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