Giorgio Pucci


He graduated at the University of Pisa inElectronic Engineering, today Computer Engineering, then began his professional career for Texas Instruments, an American company. He spent a training period in the USA, then returned to Italy and held various positions for the same company in Marketing, Engineering, Production and Sales. He would cover these same roles in subsequent experiences withimportant electronics companies.

After an interlude in finance, as Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, he returned to hisworld, taking over the direction of Nokia and Bull.

He founded Enerqos with 5 Tuscan friends in 2006. Today he is the Chairman.

Enrico Giglioli


After a Degree in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he hold a Master’s Degree in Finance at London Business School. After a first experience in Edison, he had a long experience in McKinsey & Co. covering energy and infrastructure sector, Advanced Industry, highways and transportation. He was then appointed Head of the Energy Business Unit of Acea and subsequently Chief Commercial Officer and CIO in Anas. Going through roles as Senior Advisor for Aquila Capital for Italian investments in the energy sector, today he has more than 25 years of experience in the energy and infrastructure market.

Today he is the CEO of Enerqos.

Massimo Fiscaletti

Finance & Services Director

After a Degree in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and a Master in Economics in Helsinki, with European professional experience, he entered the world of consulting. Young executive of Arthur Andersen, who participated in the creation of Consip – an Italian purchasing centre for the public administration, interfacing with the national economic scenario. The move into RDS Consulting and an important experience for Eni marked the move into entrepreneurship with the opening of Greenville, a start-up dedicated to providing innovative services in the field of energy and sustainable development, acquired in 2014 by Enerqos.

Today he is the Finance & Services Director.

Giuseppe Foti

Energy Efficiency Director

After an initial professional experience as an electronic designer for the Aermacchi group, his hiring as Project Engineer in the Merloni Elettrodomestici group (Indesit) took him to Russia and China, markets where Italian domestic appliance technologies are widely used. A growing twenty-year career was completed with the appointment as Sales & Operations Director, a role that encompassed activities and experience in Sales, Proposal, Execution and Purchasing.

In 2009 he joined Enerqos as Operations Director with responsibility for purchasing, quality, safety and execution.

Today he is Sales & Operations General Manager.

Chiara Bruschi

Chief Financial Officer

With a Degree in Economics and Commerce achieved in Pavia and a Master in Communication and Strategic Problem Solving, she tackled the energy market in multinational groups such as Eni, Siemens and E.ON. She experienced the energy transition that characterised the evolution of the sector, building an international professional profile. She has held positions in Controlling, Finance, Internal Audit & Control. With extraordinary M&A operations and evaluation of multi-year investments, she has assisted in the organic and inorganic growth paths of the companies in which she has worked.

In 2020 she joined Enerqos. Today she is the CFO.

Cristiano Bronzi

Technical Director

After a Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and a first experience in the electromechanical industry, he entered the world of renewable energies, focusing on the photovoltaic reality. His career path had included Project and Technical Management activities for the realization of photovoltaic plants, mainly ground PV plants, in Italy and abroad, with the management of the entire executive project process; roles of Senior Project Manager, Chief Technical Officer and Independent Consultant, up to his current position.

Today he is the Technical Director.

Paola Bartoloni

Marketing Manager

With a Degree in Performing Arts and Multimedia Communication at the Statale di Milano, she was immediately involved in the development of communication and promotion strategies. The transition to marketingcoincided with the entry into an integrated services company for sustainable development in the field of energy and renewables She joined Enerqos, strengthening her deep expertise in the process of incentive management and sales and sales strategies of ESCo solutions and services.

Today she is the Marketing Manager.