Transport infrastructure

Optimised consumption and higher margins with energy efficiency for mobility


Car parks, train and metro stations, ports and airports can benefit from introducing energy efficiency solutions. In fact, the increase in energy costs has had a very negative impact on profits from the management of infrastructures that support mobility. The choice of more efficient and sustainable technologies makes it possible to optimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs, therefore increasing margins.

The infrastructures that support mobility and transport are highly energy-intensive, especially because of the huge electricity requirements for lighting and climate control. On the other hand, they provide people with continuous services and must guarantee constant efficiency, comfort and reliability. Energy efficiency interventions provide significant advantages because they ensure better performance in terms of consumption.

The most effective energy solutions for infrastructures that support mobility are undoubtedly the interventions concerning lighting and refrigeration, the use of heat pumps, high efficiency boilers, photovoltaics and intelligent building management systems.

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