Energy efficiency in the logistics sector: cutting costs and emissions

Enerqos settore logistico

Competition in the logistics and distribution services sector has increased considerably in recent years, causing a general and systematic erosion of company margins. The only way to counter this situation is to implement scrupulous cost management, on which it is possible to intervene through energy efficiency solutions.

Energy costs in the logistics sector arise mostly from thermal needs – heating and cooling – and lighting of storage areas and operational centres. The adoption of high efficiency systems contributes significantly to reduce energy consumption and therefore to cut the resulting costs, making the company more competitive. Furthermore, investing in alternative energy solutions makes it possible to reduce emissions and increase the environmental sustainability of company processes, an aspect that is increasingly appreciated on the market.

The most effective energy efficiency interventions for companies operating in the logistics sector are related to lighting, refrigeration, heat pumps, high efficiency boilers and intelligent building management systems.

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