Large-scale distribution and retail

Cost management in large-scale distribution and retail, thanks to energy efficiency

Enerqos settore gdo retail commercio

Energy consumption is typically one of the largest cost items in the large-scale distribution and retail sector. For each square metre of retail space, there is an annual consumption of 300 kWh of electricity for lighting and 270 kWh for climate control, which includes air conditioning, but also the power of refrigerated counters and cold rooms. In addition to this amount of consumption, there is a general increase in competition throughout the sector, which makes it necessary to contain costs. It is precisely on this point that energy efficiency solutions for the commercial sector intervene.

The adoption of alternative energy systems makes it possible to cut energy consumption and costs, thereby increasing margins and improving the company’s competitiveness on the market.

Among the most valid efficiency interventions for the reduction of energy consumption in large-scale distribution and retail, are certainly lighting, refrigeration, cogeneration solutions and intelligent building management systems.

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