More sustainable greenhouses and nurseries with energy efficiency technologies

Enerqos settore florovivaistico

The companies operating in the floriculture sector have a huge energy requirement, deriving from the heating and cooling of greenhouses and nurseries. The adoption of technologies based on renewable sources allows them to improve energy efficiency and make the production process more sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

In order to be competitive in today’s market, nursery gardening companies must be able to ensure production quality by maintaining precise microclimate conditions, but they must also be able to contain costs. a difficult objective to achieve with older generation plants. It is estimated that energy consumption for heating greenhouses and nurseries in Italy accounts for 40% of production costs. Additionally, the need to cool them during the summer months accounts for 15% of the total energy consumption. Not to mention that the climate control of greenhouses and nurseries involves the emission of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Implementing solutions for energy efficiency guarantees companies in the floriculture sector cost containment, increased competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

The most functional and effective efficiency interventions are biogas systems, photovoltaic plants, cogeneration plants and biomass boilers.

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