Solutions for energy efficiency

From energy auditing to installing technology, from financial solutions to digitally managing systems

At Enerqos we can assist your company on the path to energy efficiency through a true ecosystem of solutions. You can use each solution individually or choose an integrated approach and let our professionals assist you in multiple ways, from technology to finance, from consulting to management.

The advantages of Enerqos solutions

enerqos vantaggi advisory


We offer you the best technology available for your project, without any commercial constraints.

enerqos vantaggi expertise


You have a team of professionals at your side for the design, financing, implementation and management of the intervention.

enerqos vantaggi custom made solutions

Custom Made Solutions

Our technological, financial and management solutions are designed to meet your business needs.

enerqos vantaggi turn key solutions

Turnkey Solutions

You have a single point of contact for all the work phases: analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

enerqos vantaggi partnership


The success of the interventions carried out is our source of remuneration.

enerqos vantaggi capex free

Capex Free

The use of capital for the realisation of your intervention is at our expense.

Technological solutions

Implementing technological solutions for energy efficiency within your business increases your competitiveness on the market. The advantage of relying on Enerqosis that you can count on thorough and consolidated expertise, which we have acquired in over 15 years of experience in constructing systems and renewable energy, first as a General Contractor and then as an ESCo.

Today we are a system integrator and combine sales, licensing, design and system construction with the ability to integrate multiple energy efficiency technologies. In addition, with the management and maintenance of the systems we build, we can guarantee their performance and facilitate a faster return on investment.

Our proposal is flexible and independent, our energy solutions are designed directly on your needs and we are also structured to finance the capitalneeded to carry out the projects.

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Digital Energy Management

Companies, especially energy-intensive ones, have an increasing need to save on energy consumption. Without limiting themselves to individual users, but with an integrated approach to the entire energy system, through the overall management of all vectors, optimised to the best of their ability.

Integrated and optimised management involves the need to collect a large amount of heterogeneous data, interconnect sensors, create and interpret mathematical models and make predictive analysis of phenomena. All this with the final objective of maximising plant performance, identifying anomaliesautomatically and in real time and limiting energy waste.

With our Digital Energy Management solutionswe accompany you in the search for “that detail to bring out”, whose control is essential to increase your competitiveness and stay on the market.

Energy consulting

In order to undertake an energy efficiency path consistent with the needs of your company, it is more essential than ever to have a clear and precise understandingof many elements: the initial situation, theopportunities for savings offered by technology, the most advantageous purchasing conditions and the marketin which you are involved. An overall awareness that only an energy consulting service can offer you, starting with the preparation of a feasibility study to analyse the cost-benefit ratio, the timing of implementation and guarantee of the results.

At Enerqoswe guarantee you an integrated and innovative vision thanks to the combination of different professionals. We provide you with all the skills needed to provide strategic advice and guide you towards efficient and sustainable energy solutions, an essential combination in valorising assets and releasing cash flow.

Green Financing

Climate change, sustainable urban development, renewable energies, energy efficiency, social responsibility and business environment: these are all factors that challenge the implementation of financial investments to encourage the development of a green economy.

At Enerqoswe have specific expertise in structuring private and/or facilitated finance solutions. We can do this through different forms of contract, such as Operating Lease, Energy Performance Contract (EPC), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and other modalities that can be integrated with facilitated finance instruments, such as White Certificates, Thermal Account and other government incentives. Services, the latter, which we also structure to the extent that you already have capital at your disposal.

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