Hospitals and clinics

Optimisation of consumption in healthcare facilities with energy efficiency technologies

Enerqos settore ospedali e cliniche

Energy costs can represent up to 3% of the total costs of a healthcare facility. More than 40% of energy consumption is due to climate control systems, while lighting, hot water and laundry each account for about 15%. Also in the healthcare sector, the introduction of technologies based on renewable sources enables energy efficiency to be increased, making hospitals and clinics more efficient and sustainable.

Healthcare facilities are very complex structures, often composed of several buildings each comprising different spaces and departments. Each of these environments must be able to guarantee specific conditions, in terms of heating and cooling, power for the equipment and hot water supply. Having systems that make it possible to optimise energy consumption is certainly an advantage for the economic sustainability of clinics and hospitals.

The most valid solutions for healthcare facilities in terms of efficiency are certainly those relating to the self-production of energy, such as cogeneration and photovoltaics, as well as new lighting systems, heat pumps, high-efficiency boilers and intelligent building management systems.

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