Banks and insurance companies

Energy efficiency, cost cutting and return of image for the banking and insurance sector

Enerqos settore banche assicurazioni

The current economic situation also forces the banking and insurance sector to focus even more on energy costs. It is also advisable for banks, trust companies, law firms and insurance consultancy firms to consider energy efficiency solutions in order to make their business more economically sustainable and improve its image in the market.

Efficiency interventions, in fact, make it possible to optimise consumption and reduce energy costs by up to 40%. Moreover, the use of advanced technologies that are attentive to environmental sustainability can have a very positive return in terms of image among a public that is increasingly sensitive to green issues, with the possibility of standing out in the market, as well as attracting and retaining new customers.

In order to improve energy performance in the banking and insurance sectors, efficiency can be achieved through solutions such as heat pumps and high-efficiency boilers, new lighting and refrigeration systems and intelligent building management systems.

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