Competitiveness for the industrial sector increases with energy efficiency

Enerqos settore industria

The industry sector has a major influence on energy consumption in Europe. Consider that two thirds of this energy are used to reach the temperatures necessary for production processes. In Italy – to give some examples – industries operating in the food, chemical and mechanical sectors are among the most energy-intensive and have to bear very high costs. This is why it is important to use energy efficiency technologies and solutions that combine better performance with significant savings.

In fact, the application of renewable energy in the manufacturing sector – also in the form of integration between different solutions such as solar thermal, photovoltaics and biomass boilers – is increasingly cost-effective. Therefore, investments in green energy can provide important advantages in terms of competitiveness in European Industry.

The most effective efficiency interventions for companies operating in the industrial sector are related to lighting, refrigeration, heat pumps, high-efficiency boilers, photovoltaics and intelligent building management systems.

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