15 years of energy history in Italy

The first steps of Enerqos

The origins of Enerqos lie in the initiative of a group of Tuscans: six entrepreneurs with an outstanding professional history behind them, but also six friends ready to revolutionise their lives and put their careers on the line with an ambitious and prestigious project. Their dream was to create a technological-industrial hub in Tuscany and they started working on it in 2005.

Together they searched for a name that would represent not only a company operating in the energy field, but also one intent on achieving a superior quality of service. In spring 2006 Enerqos – Energy Quality of Services was born.

The era of photovoltaics

It was precisely in 2006 that the Italian Parliament established the Energy Account, with a substantial change of perspective for alternative energy sources.

The first Board of Directors of the founding members of Enerqos served to establish the strategic line of the new company: entry into PV EPC, with substantial panel excellence – guaranteed by high level international partners – combined with the search for technical innovation and a unique quality service in power plant management.

The choice of the site, the design of the field, its control and its guarantee, through newly devised insurance agreements, constituted an ambitious engineering project that involved a major investment of human and financial resources.

The boom years

During the first year of our business, thanks to the acquisition of shares of a company that dealt with automation and efficiency control systems for power plants, a real remote control centre was installed at the technological-university centre of Navacchio (Pisa). The task of the plant was to remotely monitor the fields built throughout Italy.

The turnkey system was now defined and Enerqos could express all its potential for growth in the dual role of Operation & Maintenance.

The following years were characterised by a great and rapid development, leading our company to reach more than 100 million euros of turnover and 130 MWp of photovoltaic plants built in Italy, with a large workforce and a consistent commitment to Research and Development.

Incentive cuts

When the government in office decided to cut incentives for photovoltaics, we saw our revenues cancelled as quickly as we had grown. The same policy line was taken by the subsequent Technical Government that eliminated the incentives, opening the way to the severe economic crisis that was to come and marking a decisive phase for the survival of companies operating in the field of renewable energy.

A fund in the shareholding structure

In 2009, an experienced entrepreneur and lawyer and a private equity fund joined our shareholding structure. The entry of the fund specifically gave a strong boost to relaunching Enerqos, allowing us to shift our core business from only photovoltaic EPC to full-scale energy efficiency.

The transformation into ESCo

The meeting in 2014 with Greenville, a young ESCo but with solid expertise in the generation of White Certificates, and its subsequent acquisition, marked the transformation of Enerqos itself into an ESCo. The legacy acquired and the further experience gained, make our company today one of the top 10 Energy Service Companies in Italy.

A new industrial partner

When the fund’s willingness to exit the shareholding structure in 2016 emerged, a new chapter in Enerqos’ history began, as is the practice for private equity funds. With the drafting of an investment memorandum to test possible interests, we started the search for an industrial partner – preferably Italian – to replace the fund.

2017 was the year of negotiations with EG Holding, which officially joined Enerqos on 16 March 2018 with the purchase of 37% of the shares in Enerqos Energy Solutions.

The agreement with Aquila Group and the launch of the ZEB business unit

2020 began with a strategic agreement with Aquila Group for investments in Italy. Aquila is one of Germany’s leading asset managers focused on renewables energy and infrastructure sectors. Additionally, the German company Raven Projects III joined Enerqos by taking over the entire shareholding from the previous shareholder at 37%.

The establishment of the ZEB (Zero Emission Building) business unit specializes in superbonus and decarbonization projects for private and public buildings.

2023: Enerqos an Ameresco Company

Enerqos joins the American ESCo Ameresco to strengthen the Italian market and expand its European presence.