Real-estate funds

More value and less costs with energy efficiency for real-estate funds

Enerqos settore fondi immobiliari

The increase in energy costs and the current economic situation have a significant impact on the businesses of many commercial and industrial companies, forcing them to revise their costs. These include, of course, rent and related operating costs. For real estate funds, investing in energy-efficient solutions is certainly an advantageous choice.

The implementation of energy efficiency measures on spaces to be leased has numerous benefits for real estate funds:

  • balance between lower leasing fees and operating expenses,
  • upgrading and consequently increasing the value of the property,
  • improving the image of the asset and consequently making it more attractive to buyers on the market.

For real estate funds, the most effective energy efficiency installations include lighting systems, heat pumps, high-efficiency boilers, cogeneration, photovoltaics and intelligent building management systems.

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