Photovoltaic plant in a mechanical engineering company in Brescia

Reduction of costs and emissions for an energy-intensive business

Enerqos-progetto fotovoltaico brescia

Initial request

The customer has an energy-intensive business and needed to adopt a solution that would reduce costs in the bill.

Developed project

Our proposal resulted in the development of a turnkey photovoltaic plant, with the roof installation of monocrystalline silicon modules for a nominal power of 800 kW. The plant was sized for a forecast of 100% self-consumption of the energy produced and we completed our proposal with the Smart O&M solution to optimise its management.

The service is part of Digital Energy Management and allows the performance of the system to be monitored in real time, to assess the need for intervention and maintenance work, so as to keep the technology at maximum efficiency.

Results achieved

The plant developed by Enerqos has enabled the customer to achieve annual savings of €83,000 and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 490 tons.

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