Operating Lease

Tax benefits and immediate concrete savings

As an alternative to direct purchase or financial leasing, you can choose the Operating Lease formula of a plant. With this solution, you can have the system for a pre-established period ranging from 5 to 12 years, depending on the technology used, upon payment of a periodic fee. You don’t have to bear either the initial purchase cost or the maintenance costs for the entire duration of the lease, with numerous advantages:

  • you have no purchase costs (Capex free) and immediate tax benefits, as you can assume the full amount of the lease instalment as an operating cost (all in Opex);
  • the lease instalment tends to be derived from the savings obtained from the applied technology, which enables concrete savings from the first day of use;
  • you do not increase your “credit limit” and you free any capital issued by the banking system to make other core business investments;
  • you always have reliable and performing technology, because Enerqos is responsible for the quality and functionality of the efficient system.

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