LED lighting system for a steelworks in Aosta

Specific solution for high temperatures and annual cost savings of 50 thousand euros

Enerqos progetto led aosta

Initial request

The customer is one of the global leaders in the steel industry. It contacted us with a request for the refurbishment of a specific lighting system to withstand high temperatures.

Developed project

At Enerqos we designed a lighting system with LED technology, including emergency lighting. We installed 700 special LED industrial suspensions, suitable for the operating conditions of the steel business at the customer’s premises, over an area of 80,000 sqm.

We drew up an Operating Lease contract for a period of 7 years with a periodic fee, in order to free the customer company from the initial investment and maintenance costs for the entire duration of the lease.

Results achieved

With our relamping intervention and thanks to LED technology, the customer achieved:

  • annual energy savings of 625,668 kWhe,
  • annual cost savings of €50,000,
  • 117 toe per year,
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions of 275 tons.

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