LED system for the Piacenza branch of an international transport and logistics company

Reduction of costs and emissions plus the monitoring of energy consumption

Enerqos progetto led piacenza

Initial request

The customer company is an international leader in transport and logistics. It contacted Enerqos for the refurbishment of the lighting system of the Italian branch in Piacenza with LED lighting technology. The request was due to the need to reduce costs in the bill and CO2 emissions, combined with the desire to monitor energy consumption.

Developed project

In the logistic pole of Piacenza, we installed a LED lighting system consisting of industrial suspensions, 400 watertight ceiling lights and 30 outdoor projectors over an area of 60,000 sqm.

On the financial side, the company chose the Operating Lease formula with a duration of 4 years and requested access to incentives for energy efficiency, also requiring us to manage the process in case of obtaining it. Therefore we supported the customer in accessing the White Certificates mechanism for the project, in monitoring and submitting requests for certification of the savings achieved, and the production of a periodic consumption report.

Results achieved

Thanks to our LED lighting technology intervention, the Piacenza branch has achieved:

  • annual energy savings of 412,450 kWhe,
  • annual cost savings of €63,929.75,
  • 77 toe per year,
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions of 181 tons.

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