Energy Performance Management

Performance optimisation through artificial intelligence for energy

Energy Performance Management (EPM) is a service dedicated to significant systems, which include production lines and hot/cold generation systems and electricity. The objective is to keep systems always at peak efficiency, identifying and eliminating any possible cause of under-performance at an early stage through specific algorithms and software.

Artificial intelligence offers valuable help to the energy world, thanks to its ability to analyse a large amount of data coming from the field and automatically and instantaneously detect anomalous behaviour or performance drops. It includes the possibility, after a period of characteristic time of the system, to make forecasts and manage problems with early resolution.

With the consolidated experience of Enerqos on complex systems, particularly photovoltaic and cogeneration ones, we are able to prepare the algorithms that describe the characteristic operation of the systems and compare the real data coming from the field with the forecasts of the artificial intelligence in real time. The Energy Performance Management service therefore, always guarantees your system optimised performance. Any anomalies detected are reported immediately, so you can intervene promptly to avoid performance drops and reduce energy waste. Furthermore, it is possible to identify operating logics that allow the system to perform at its maximum theoretical efficiency.

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