Gas cogeneration

Energy saving and competitive advantage

The installation of a high-efficiency gas cogeneration plant allows the joint and simultaneous production of electricity and heating, with a better fuel yield. A further possibility to make the most of the system is to add an absorber, which allows the production of cooling energy, transforming it into a trigeneration system.

Especially for industrial businesses with a consistent use of heating and/or cooling energy and for medium to long periods of two or three shifts, cogeneration and trigeneration using methane gas is a strategic choice and an opportunity for savings in terms of purchasing electricity and fuel. It is a reliable technology that increases the company’s competitiveness and allows a rapid return on investment for purchasing the system.

Through an in-depth technical and economic feasibility study, we identify the ‍most suitable solution for your business, and we take care of all the authorization and construction aspects, with a turnkey formula. As a certified ESCo, we have access to state incentives such as White Certificates, with an economic advantage for our customers. This allows the investment to be facilitated should you use your own Capex or directly reduces the fee for the types of contract we offer: Operating Lease or Energy Service.

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