Cogeneration plant for a global producer of white goods in Milan

Cover electricity and heating requirements, reduce costs and emissions

Enerqos progetto cogenerazione milano

Initial request

The customer company is a leader in the production of white goods and it contacted Enerqos for the installation of a cogeneration system in its plant in Solaro, just outside Milan, to cover the electricity and heating demand.

Developed project

After a careful study of the electricity and heating requirements of the plant, a 522 kWe cogenerator was developed to produce both electricity and heating for the plant.

Results achieved

Thanks to our cogeneration plant the customer has achieved:

  • annual energy production of 150,000 kWhe,
  • annual heating savings of 100,000 kWht,
  • annual cost savings of €20,000,
  • 38 toe per year,
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions of 87 tons.