Superbonus for construction: 110% energy efficiency with Enerqos

perché scegliere enerqos per approfittare del superbonus per l'edilizia

To meet the increasing number of requests for the Superbonus 110%, we activated a coordination and consultancy service dedicated to professionals and suppliers operating in the construction and residential sector.

Find out all the benefits and how to become an Enerqos partner.

The house is the best investment, because it is real and long-lasting. Adopting solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions of your building is now a synonym of responsibility but also of caution and contributes to the collective effort to protect the environment. To encourage energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions, it is possible to use the Superbonus for construction.

Superbonus for construction: how does it work?

Superbonus 110%, issued by the 2020 Relaunch Decree to support the Covid-19 emergency, is a tax benefit of 110% concerning the expenses for energy efficiency measures to be carried out by 31 December 2021. The incentive identifies two types of intervention.

  • Main interventions: thermal insulation, replacement of winter heating systems, anti-seismic interventions. In order to access the tax deduction it is mandatory to implement at least one of them.
  • Additional interventions: windows and doors, installation of photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, e-charging stations. They can be requested together with one of the above.

What are the advantages of the Superbonus for condominiums and individuals?

Taking advantage of the Superbonus for construction is a complex process, but it is also an opportunity not to be missed. To understand the real opportunity of the Superbonus 110%, it is important to consider the many benefits it offers. In fact, the solutions for energy efficiency:

  • ensure better performance,
  • reduce the energy requirement of the property and cut costs on bills,
  • increase the value of the property through the advancement of the energy class.

Greater comfort, energy independence and a green image are all added to the above.

Superbonus and credit transfer

The new decree gives you the possibility to transfer the 110% tax deduction to the supplier of the intervention, in order to obtain an immediate 100% discount on the works. Otherwise you would immediately have to pay for the total investment and wait 5 years for the credit to be returned.

Therefore, the best choice is to rely on Enerqos and have instant access to the incentive at no cost.

Why choose Enerqos to access the Superbonus for construction?

Our core business is energy efficiency and our main objective is to guarantee the best quality intervention to the customer.

We are the only interlocutor in the role of General Contractor, i.e. managing the implementation of all turnkey solutions (feasibility study, execution, design, credit purchase, asseverations). This also allows us to ensure quick execution and process simplification.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector, and as an independent ESCo, we offer cutting-edge solutions capable of optimising consumption through the most efficient and high-performing technologies for the customer’s needs. In addition, we rely on the best architects, designers and companies on the market to carry out a unique and exclusive intervention, guaranteed for 10 years after implementation.

You will find the answer to all your questions in our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge. Whether you are a condominium, an individual or a company, we have the right solution for you. If you are interested in seizing the opportunity of the Superbonus for construction and are looking for a secure result for your property, do not hesitate to contact us.