Maintenance and insurance for the photovoltaic system against hail

The hailstorms that hit northern Italy in recent days have caused significant damage to photovoltaic systems. In fact, they have made even more evident the need for companies to protect themselves in the event of a natural disaster, with insurance for the photovoltaic system and more generally with a maintenance and assistance service. Our Smart O&M service goes exactly in this direction.

In addition, we offer photovoltaic revamping services to restore damaged solar power plants that have lost efficiency.

Smart O&M: detection, maintenance, and insurance for the photovoltaic system

At Enerqos, we integrate conventional O&M with the potential of AI and digital data integration. Our plant sensors gather real-time operational data and identify any unforeseen events. Additionally, we use drones equipped with thermography to assess the extent and nature of any damage, ranging from broken glass to production stoppages and accidental damage to other components.

 This enables us to rapidly deploy a team of technicians to address any issues on-site and restore the system to optimal performance levels. 

Furthermore, since hail and other extreme atmospheric events cannot be avoided, through the Smart O&M service, we can activate comprehensive insurance to cover the photovoltaic system to protect the company from economic damage.

Revamping for damaged solar power implants

We also offer a photovoltaic revamping service to restore systems that have been damaged by the weather. This service includes maintenance and modernisation to restore the original performance of the photovoltaic system. In combination, we can also carry out an intervention to repowering the system in order to increase the nominal output.