Photovoltaic repowering of ContoEnergia incentivised plants

As the tenth anniversary of the end of Conto Energia approaches, there is a need for
companies with incentivised plants to maintain and upgrade them through photovoltaic
. This is to keep them profitable and continue to enjoy the benefits of the
incentive system.

Plants installed with the Conto Energia incentive – however durable they may be – are
beginning to show the first signs of time, with components losing efficiency and
consequent drops in production. This is without mentioning that the technologies and
materials used over ten years ago have become obsolete compared to more recent

The photovoltaic repowering procedure not only enables the plant’s initial performance to be
restored and its efficiency to be maintained, but it also increases the nominal power
within the limits set by the GSE:

  • 1% or less increase for plants over 20 kW,
  • maximum increase of 5% for plants of less than 20 kW.

There are two ways to upgrade the plant. Obsolete components can be replaced with
more technologically advanced ones and additional photovoltaic modules can be
installed to expand it.

The repowering procedures that we cary out at Enerqos are:

  • the adoption of power optimisers;
  • the installation of state-of-the-art panels;
  • the installation of single-axis solar trackers;
  • the introduction of new lithium batteries for storage;
  • the increase in the number of photovoltaic panels.

At Enerqos, we also take care of managing the entire engineering part preparatory to
design and installation, both on the ground and on the roof, with the evaluation of
geological and technical aspects. In addition, photovoltaic repowering allows the plant to be
and paves the way for our Smart O&M solutions, for real-time monitoring and