Energy Performance Management: a driver for the digitisation of companies

Enerqos supporta la digitalizzazione delle imprese con il servizio di energy performance management

For some years now, Energy Intelligence has been a significant driver of business model innovation. In an increasingly competitive market, the digitisation process of companies is essential. In particular, Energy Performance Management is the most advanced solution dedicated to monitoring, simplification, forecasting, control and evaluation of energy consumption and costs.

IoT technology and strategy for energy optimisation

As part of the Energy Performance Management service we combine IoT technology with our energy, IT and statistics skills. This combination enables us to provide the customer with a clear understanding of the energy performance of their installations and a concrete strategy to optimise consumption.

Our experience in the field teaches us that thanks to our knowledge of the main consumption centres of an industry, and through awareness of the correct and effective use of systems, companies achieve savings of up to 5% of total consumption.

All the benefits of Energy Performance Management

The data from the systems we monitor allow us to confirm that, thanks to a digital monitoring system and accurate performance management, many benefits can be achieved:

  • maintenance of high performance,
  • reduction in energy expenditure,
  • immediate identification of inefficiencies and timely recovery,
  • increase in the useful life of the system thanks to constant monitoring.

Enerqos results in 2020

In 2020 we expect to achieve important results thanks to Energy Performance Management. We enable our customers to save more than €300,000 and we manage to cut CO2 emissions by 1,200 tons: the same emissions produced by driving 8,500,000 km and equivalent to a plantation of more than 1000 trees.

If you want to know all the advantages that digital energy consumption management can offer your company, please contact us.