Il Bosco della Memoria – The Memory Forest

Video story of “Laying the first tree” day

On 18 March 2021, the day of “Laying the first tree” was held at Parco della Trucca in Bergamo, near Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, the symbol of the first wave of the pandemic.

The initiative, conceived by Associazione Comuni Virtuosi in memory of the victims of Covid-19, chose not to build a monument but to plant trees, in order to add to the memory a piece of future.

The “Laying of the first tree” took place on the occasion of the National Day in memory of the Victims of Covid-19, attended by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Bergamo Mayor Giorgio Gori and representatives of the Associazione Comuni Virtuosi.

The memory is unanimous and we would like that the emotion of the video story of the day linked below can be of everyone.