Let’s give voice to energy, interview to Giorgio Pucci

“Our strength is that we have never stopped believing in renewable energy.” Giorgio Pucci, President of Enerqos Energy Solutions, has no doubts about the future of renewable energy and reiterated this during the interview with journalist Maria Chiara Voci for Le Voci dell’Energia (The Energy Voices).

“I am the historical reminder of Enerqos” says President Pucci “because I was one of the founders in October 2006. I have a long career in electronics, telecommunications and semiconductor multinationals and I have always been mad about photovoltaics. From the very beginning Enerqos pursued the path of photovoltaics and believed in renewable energies, even before they had the important role they are recognised for. Especially at this time, the lockdown period gave a decisive boost to the promotion of renewables and the increase in e-commerce highlighted the importance – for sectors such as logistics – of using self-produced energy“. Finally, looking ahead, “The future is digital energy, which comes to our aid to facilitate progress.”