Sustainable logistics: e-mobility for the last mile thanks to renewable energy sources

la logistica diventa sostenibile con le soluzioni per il fotovoltaico proposte da Enerqos

The logistics sector in Italy is certainly strategic, but it is also one in which technology and sustainability have a decisive influence on the positioning of players. The objective of the companies operating in this sector is to take the path of sustainable logistics to become carbon neutral. The ability to measure the climate impact of logistics real estate and identify all possible solutions to reduce CO2 emissions becomes relevant.

Recent developments and consumption needs

Focus on environmental impact is now a central issue on the agenda of companies. The demands of sustainability and recent technological developments are already profoundly changing the criteria of warehouse organisation and design. Moreover, the exponential increase in e-commerce purchases that occurred in the recent lockdown period has intensified last-mile operations.

In addition to all this, there is increasingly fierce competition in logistics and distribution services that causes the general erosion of company margins, which must be countered through scrupulous cost management. Electricity and mobility are an important combination that operators in this sector have to deal with.

The production of energy from renewable sources and the optimisation of its self-consumption become essential.

Electric mobility for sustainable logistics

An important solution in the sustainable logistics perspective, from an environmental and economic point of view, is the use for last mile of electric transport vehicles powered by energy produced from photovoltaic systems. The electricity produced through solar energy accumulates in storage systems during the day and recharges electric vehicles during the night, avoiding the need to draw electricity from the grid as much as possible

Advantages of photovoltaics in logistics

The benefits that a company in the logistics sector can draw from this solution are numerous and significant:

  • self-production of electricity and reduction of energy costs,
  • reduction of emissions thanks to the non-use of diesel,
  • maximisation of self-consumption of energy produced by the photovoltaic system,
  • entry into restricted traffic areas within metropolitan areas.

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