Biomethane plants

A sustainable alternative that benefits businesses and the community

At Enerqos we design, build and maintain either converted or built from scratch biomethane plants. In fact, the Ministerial Decree of September 15, 2022, outlined a plan of incentives for biomethane production. Specifically, the plan provides capital grants for both the building of new plants and the conversion of electric biogas plants, as well as energy bill incentives for the net energy produced during the first 15 years of plant operation.

Biomethane provides a sustainable alternative to fossil gas and enables the pursuit of decarbonization goals for activities, whether they are domestic, industrial or transportation.

Requirements for accessing biomethane incentives

A key requirement for accessing incentives for biomethane plants is compliance with the sustainability limits of the biomethane produced. To this end, the type of biomass used is of crucial importance.

During degradation, organic matrices produce biogas which, if released into the atmosphere in an uncontrolled manner, poses a threat to the quality of the air we breathe and contributes to global warming. Instead, if biogas is intercepted and purified, it can be fed into the pipeline network and used in exactly the same way as the fossil molecule. Livestock manure and agricultural production from intercropping, as well as by-products, however, are the matters of choice for agricultural biomethane projects. Their use, therefore, brings significant economic and environmental benefits for both the company and the community.

Biomethane plants: Enerqos’ role

We are the single interlocutor for all the design, authorization, implementation, and maintenance phases of biomethane plants. We are completely independent, so we offer the best possible technology, and with our experience in energy efficiency, we are an ideal partner for REC projects.

We intend to involve not only agricultural and livestock farms but also cheese factories, social dairies, feed mills and the agrifood industry in the field of biomethane production. The goal is to initiate sustainable energy supply chain projects, creating a virtuous mechanism in which biomass flows are used to produce biomethane, a green energy source for industrial processes.

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