With an Operating Lease you double the savings for your company

con il noleggio operativo di Enerqos

Are you an entrepreneur in step with the times? Do you want to make your company efficient through a solution that gives you the opportunity to save electricity, reduce CO2 emissions and be greener? At Enerqos we offer you the Operating Lease contract formula: from LED systems to gas cogeneration, we help you to develop an energy efficient system without having to use your capex.

Operating lease, an all-inclusive formula

At Enerqos we design, install, test and maintain your system. We find the financing system that allows you to carry out all the interventions, and we propose a lease that allows you to pay back the investment in 5, 7, 10 or 12 years, according to your needs.

From LEDs to photovoltaics, from heat pumps to biomass heating, up to cogeneration and gas trigeneration. Through the Operating Lease you can immediately exploit your plant, benefitting from the energy, economic and tax advantages provided, without having to bear the maintenance costs as they all-inclusive.

What are the advantages of an Operating Lease?

With the Operating Lease contract you double the savings, in terms of energy and money. In fact, the installed energy efficiency technology generates savings in the bill from which the operating lease fee is derived. In this way, since you do not have to provide financing to implement the work (zero capex), you can use your capex to make other investments related to your core business, to meet the new challenges in your market.

In addition, the lease instalment, which already includes maintenance costs, is considered as an operating expense in the company’s financial statements and is therefore fully deductible.

Find out immediately what the possibilities are to make your company more efficient and sustainable. Please contact us for any information.