Agriculture and animal husbandry

Economic and environmental benefits through adopting renewable energy

Farms and ranches can supplement their income and cut production costs through photovoltaic, biogas and biomethane technologies. Adopting renewable energy also allows them to contribute to protecting the environment and reposition themselves on the topic of sustainability.

Agricultural companies generally have large, roofed areas on which photovoltaic panels can be installed to produce electricity, intended both for self-consumption in production processes and for transformation for feed-in and sale. Photovoltaics can also be installed on the ground on non-productive farmland, whereas agrivoltaics can be integrated into a virtuous combination with crops.

Ranches, on the other hand, have livestock waste: a resource that can be valorized, through anaerobic digestion, to produce biogas that is useful both for upgrading to biomethane and for cogeneration to produce electricity.

A considerable proportion of PV applications are incentivized through regulations such as the agrisolar and agrivoltaic decrees. Similarly, biomethane plants, whether new or converted from biogas plants, are also eligible for incentive mechanisms such as the biomethane decree.

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