Stefano Granella is the new Chief Executive Officer of Enerqos

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Press Release of the entry of the new Top Manager

Milan, 29 marzo 2021Stefano Granella is the new Chief Executive Officer of Enerqos Energy Solutions Srl, leading ESCo in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector in Italy.

The entry of the new CEO represents a strengthening of the team at a time when more and more skills are needed to be invested in the sector says the President of Enerqos Giorgio Pucci-. We are the third largest country in Europe in terms of renewable energy use, behind only Germany and France, we need to continue to grow in order to achieve as soon as possible the targets set by international agreements”.

Granella, with 25 years of experience in the energy sector, says: “In continuity with what Enerqos has done up to now, we will continue to focus on the opportunities that the sector offers, starting from an already consolidated reality and leader in the reference market to address a forward-looking growth strategy based on sustainability and innovation”.